Gallery De Ruimte 

The aim of Gallery De Ruimte is to promote access to art and the understanding of art.
We work te create an atmosphere that builds bridges between the creative work, collectors and art enthusiasts at all levels.

In addition to promoting cultural participation we also aim to stimulate the cultural sector.

We achieve this aim by organising various platforms.

Group exhibitions in De Ruimte Gallery form one part of these.

Lectures, workshops, artist talks, meet and greets and culinary events connected with contemporary art are also held in the gallery.

Art experience

Immediately on entering De Ruimte gallery, the art experience is both tangible and visible.
The fine ambiance, good presentation and high artistic quality of the artworks that the gallery offers goes without saying.





The attractively furnished spaces are like a small and intimate museum where you can wander around and experience art.
That’s one reason we like to call our gallery a ‘musery’.
A combination of museum and gallery: you can withdraw from the reality of everyday life and observe the large variety of exceptional works of art, all of which are on sale.

Connecting art and people

The approachable layout and the high artistic quality that De Ruimte gallery offers means that we attract hundreds of art lovers to each exhibition.

Art only becomes art when it can be seen!

De Ruimte gallery presents the visual arts in all its genres in exhibitions which change every 10 weeks:

paintings, graphics, photography, paper craft, sculptures in glass, bronze, stone, steel and ceramics; from realistic to abstract.


We would like to welcome you to Gallery De Ruimte 
to enjoy looking around and maybe also to buy something that will enrich your life.

This is also the place to come for evening entertainment!

Address: Molenstraat 2, 5664 HV Geldrop, the Netherlands (15 km from Eindhoven Airport).

Entrance to the exhibition and parking free.
Open every Friday and Saturday from 14:00 to 17:00 and Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00

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Discover Benelux : no. 32, 2016

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