About us

Galerie De Ruimte was founded in 2015 and has grown into a respected gallery for both the customer and the artists.

“A perfect interior reflects the best version of yourself”


My name is Sigrid Bontenbal and I am the owner of Galerie De Ruimte in Ootmarsum in Twente.
It is my passion to let everyone enjoy the art.

In my gallery I create a pleasant environment, where you can enrich yourself with art. Ultimately I want to sell, but also the art experience that I experience myself and would like to convey to the art lover, gives me great satisfaction.

Space for art

The art ranges from realistic to abstract, and is interesting for the novice art buyer and the art connoisseur.

In collaboration with 90 renowned artists from the Netherlands and Belgium, we offer a varied range that makes every gallery visit a beautiful experience in the historic building in the heart of Ootmarsum.

In addition to the store, you can orient yourself online with the help of good search filters from approximately 1200 art objects that are in a nice middle segment in terms of price.

Craftsmanship and more

The collaborating artists all have a very good CV. Their craftsmanship is characterized by mastering and perfecting their techniques. Their own vision makes their work unique and original in design. We all have PASSION for our profession!


Are you ready for something beautiful? Do you need some help?
Raw simplicity or pure luxury …….. The experienced art stylist of Galerie De Ruimte works with you to find the best match for your interior.

Surprising, Personal and Stylish are our keywords.

Private use

During an intake at your home, I make an inventory of your personal wishes, after which a digital process follows with a studio visit to the artist and/or trial placement at your home.

“A fresh look and honest opinion of the art stylist

will further inspire you for the right choice”.

A well-chosen work of art touches you and connects the various items in your interior. You never want to lose that.

Company use
Do you want to emphasize the image of your company or create a better working atmosphere for your staff? Get in touch. It has been proven that art has a positive effect on productivity and on your customer.

Custom Art

Gallery De Ruimte also specializes in Custom Art for interiors, outdoor spaces and public spaces. How unique do you want it?

Of course, the projects are carried out in close collaboration with the artists. Each assignment has its own challenge, whereby the satisfaction of the customer is always paramount.

“With art you make your interior personal, give it soul, color and movement”.

Thank you for your interest
and take a look around our website.

Maybe we’ll talk soon in Galerie De Ruimte!

Sigrid Bontenbal, Galerie De Ruimte





Love from Sigrid,
owner of Galerie De Ruimte

ART gives color and movement, ART gives atmosphere,  
ART gives energy, ART allows you to put things into perspective, 
ART gives an unconventional look at the everyday, 
ART makes the story, ART makes the world more beautiful.


Sigrid Bontenbal
Varia - Galerie De Ruimte
wooninspiratie 3
Elements - Marlies Geldof
Kinga Luberda
Grote schilderijen
Grote schilderijen
Summertime - Else Ringnalda